Over the next few weeks, credit card affiliate links will begin to appear on this blog. In all cases, when an affiliate link is listed in a blog post, or in any space on the blog, it will be clearly disclosed. Further, if an affiliate link is posted to MJ on Travel, it will feature the best available bonus that I am aware of. If in the course of reading the blog, you are aware of a better available offer than what you see listed here, please comment to the blog or use the “Contact Me” form to email me directly, and I will note the availability of the better deal in the post.

You might be wondering why I would bother with affiliate links when I don’t make a living writing a blog? That’s a legitimate question, and one that I pondered a lot as I reached my decision. While I don’t expect to become the next Travel Channel television personality (since momma always told me I had a face for radio), I do want to operate the blog in a more businesslike manner. By that, I mean that I want to (no, I am going to) dedicate a certain amount of time to its maintenance and improvement on a daily basis. Additionally, while the costs to operate the blog are not extraordinary, they do exist, and I see potential revenue from credit card commissions as something that can help defray those costs in money and time. As always, I want to make visiting the blog worth your time. So please trust that I want you to visit often no matter what. If you happen to be in the market for a credit card, and I have an affiliate link for a card you want, then I’ll certainly appreciate your clicking on my link. But please know that I appreciate you just the same, credit cards or no credit cards! 🙂

As 2012 progresses, it is my goal to make the blog more interesting, more valuable, and just plain better. Step 1 was a tweak to my motto from “An ex-Airline Guy Blogs on Airlines and Travel” to “Tips on Traveling Well.” Credit cards have played a key role in my ability to travel well, and they can help you do the same. You will not see this space turn into a collection of hyperlinks. If a credit card product gets mentioned in anything I write on this site, it will be because I’ve used that product to accomplish my travel goals, period. If you feel that you are getting something less than that I know you will call me on it, and I would expect nothing less.

Thanks for reading Marshall Jackson on Travel.