The most important document you have when you travel is your Passport. This little book is what allows you in to other countries as it proves who you are. It contains all the stamps from countries that stamp you in, your picture and personal details and lets everyone know which country belongs to you. I find it remarkable that people can forget, lose, misplace, wash or destroy this important document, yet it happens.

Passport Attack!

Once upon a time in Dublin, an intrepid traveller headed off to the airport. Everything is going perfectly. The bus is on time, the weather is sunny, there is a seat on the bus with a view and there is no rush to get to the airport. Plenty of time in fact. A perfect morning in all respects.

Arriving at the airport, he smiles to himself with anticipation of the upcoming trip. He saunters into the terminal building as every experienced traveller does and then it hits him. He stops dead, thunderstruck.

His passport is back at home!

The Reverse Dash!

Oh no!

What to do?

Hotfooting it back to the airport bus, he explained his predicament to the driver who let him on again for free. Virtually wringing his hands in frustration, he endured the journey back to the city. The driver obligingly let him out of the bus at the closest point to his home instead of a listed bus stop, saving quite some time.

Running back to the house, he retrieved his Passport and then flagged down a passing taxi to get him back to the airport. Exhorting the driver to step on it, he arrived at the airport and barely made his flight.

Overall Thoughts

It is particularly galling to forget your Passport when you have travelled all over the world and consider yourself well versed in what you need to do. I have two Passports so there really is no excuse to forget it. It’s a terrible feeling and I gained a new sympathy for all the Passport horror stories I heard throughout the years.

Has this ever happened to you? Feel free to leave any comments below and thanks for reading!