It appears the so called Mile High Club is a real thing. Video has surfaced showing Tommy Lee and his girlfriend Brittany Furlan leaving the toilet one after the other on an American Airlines flight between Nassau and Miami.

For those that may not know, you become a member of the Mile High Club when you have sex while flying. It is assumed the pair in the video joined the club though it must have been the quickest of quickies if so, as it’s a 45 minute flight.

Is Joining The Mile High Club Permitted?

It is not against policy for two people to use the bathroom at the same time. I have witnessed it myself on a couple of occasions where someone is clearly going in with another person to assist in some manner. Parents with children for example and people who are infirm.

The article suggests that cabin crew will not interfere as long as people are not being disturbed. Cabin crew I know also tell me they don’t really care what goes on as long as it does not impact other passengers. Even so, there are airlines where it would be ill advised to try it – Saudia springs to mind for example.

Of course, there appears to be a market for the Mile High Club. There are companies that offer packages to hire an aircraft and join the club while on board.

For some reason I find the idea of being in a small private plane having sex in the back while the pilot is a few feet away just a little bit creepy. Anyway, back to commercial flights!

Mile High Logistical Challenges

Have you ever seen the toilet on board an aeroplane? It is not exactly what you might call spacious. There is literally enough space to stand in front of the toilet and turn sideways to use the basin.

I imagine some serious acrobatics would be needed to do things properly. Also I think it would be difficult not to hit the door or other part of the toilet which would cause noise.

There are some aeroplane toilets that have a lot of space. For example, the two upper deck toilets on the British Airways A380 in Club World. These are enormous spaces which would allow plenty of room to join the Mile High Club.

Before you baulk at the idea of a “dirty aeroplane toilet” do remember that tests have shown that the tray table you eat off on a flight usually has far more bacteria and filth than the toilets. Something to remember next time when chowing down on your inflight meal.

Overall Thoughts

I couldn’t care less if people join the Mile High Club on a flight I am on. Just don’t hog the toilet for hours on end and definitely not towards the end of the flight.

Are you cabin crew? What do you think about this? Is it fine or a no-no? How about people who fly? Have you joined the Mile High Club? Witnessed banging and crashing coming from a toilet in the dead of the night?

Thanks for reading and if you have any comments please leave them below.

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Featured image by Jordan Sanchez via Unsplash.