Delta-US Airways….. United-Continental….. American-NWA? Oh my…things are about to get silly in airline land.

While I think Delta-US Airways looks the goofiest from an operational integration perspective, I can’t help but think that something is going to happen here. There is way too much money floating around out there. So while the deal may not ultimately look like what’s currently proposed by US Airways, I do think a deal is going to happen.

I think Doug Parker at US Airways believes he can buy Delta out of bankruptcy and use the leverage of the bankruptcy process to offload the assets that the combined entity doesn’t need on the cheap.

United and Continental? We’ll see. I don’t think Continental wants a deal, but they will do one if they feel like they need to.

And American…I just don’t know. They don’t have the greatest track record with mergers, and I think they’ve got bigger labor issues than most folks think right now. But like Continetal, they will do a deal if they think they need to.

It is going to be a fun year to kick back and watch this show.