Write this down.  Today, I flew 5 hours in coach, and lived to tell about it.  I’m in Seattle this week for work, and departed on the “0 dark thirty” flight from DCA to Atlanta, connecting to Seattle.  My Delta Medallion upgrade on the short flight to Atlanta cleared in advance, but I was sweating the upgrade for the long flight from Atlanta to Seattle.  Turns out that I should not have been sweating…..I was 19 of 47 on the upgrade list.  No need to even bother sweating.

You haven’t lived until you’ve occupied the front row in coach on a Delta 757.  Actually, Delta has a few different configurations of 757.  This particular airplane has nothing in front of row 19 on the right hand side except empty space.  Nice for legroom, but the space attracts loiterers looking to stretch their legs.  At one time there were 5 people standing in front of me….none of which was actually in line for the nearby restroom…which is another issue all its own.

All that said, I think the thing I liked least about the seat was how narrow it was.  The tray table is in the arm rest which takes away from seat width.  I’m admittedly not skinny, but I doubt you’d think I was anything more than an average sized person if you met me on the street.  Frankly, the seat was so narrow that it was downright uncomfortable.  Note to self: watch those narrowbody Boeing exit row seats.  They’re simply too narrow.

The service was fine, and the GoGo Inflight Internet helped make the time productive and fun, so all in all, it wasn’t a bad flight.  But it surely made me realize how happy I am that my return upgrades have already cleared.  Medallion upgrade, oh how I love thee.