Double feature this weekend! Here are several articles from around the travel web that I think you may find interesting:

American Airlines mechanic in Miami charged with sabotaging plane. It aborted takeoff. – Miami Herald

American Airlines may now be the worst airline in the country, but I can sympathize with the fact that their mechanics are causing problems. This takes things to the next level, though, as it involves passenger safety. Glad he will likely be criminally charged.

I Can’t Even: WOW Air Relaunching Flights Next Month – One Mile at a Time

This is unexpected, and based on the comments on the airline’s plans at the press conference, sounds like it’s gonna be an absolute disaster. I do not expect WOW to make a strong comeback.

Some Airlines Have Banned All Apple MacBooks From Checked Luggage – Forbes

I finally got around to reading the story on this, as I have a MacBook Pro that needs fixing (and will hopefully get fixed in the next couple months). I do have a MacBook Pro with Retina display within the window of concern. Just need to enter the serial number into the recall page. Check yours as well!

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