Marriott Bonvoy Elite Status has six tiers compared to just four tiers each from several of Marriott’s competitors. Most of their competitors’ individual statuses are different enough from each other where earning the next level is meaningful. Such is not the case with Marriott, whose six tiers are diluted and should be combined into four. Therefore, Marriott Bonvoy should streamline their status tiers.



Marriott Bonvoy Elite Status currently has six tiers: Member, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium, and Ambassador. Here’s how I would change them:

Combine Member and Silver Tiers

This change will give the perks from the Silver tier to regular members, eliminating the Silver tier and increasing the value of regular membership. After the changes, Marriott’s regular membership will be more in line with those from Hilton and Hyatt.

I would also remove the meager 10% points bonus that came with Silver Status. Most standard memberships with competing hotel chains don’t come with any points bonus.

Regular members would now have late checkout, ultimate reservation guarantee, and the dedicated reservation line in addition to the existing benefits. Furthermore, this would reduce the number of tiers to five.

Combine Titanium and Ambassador Tiers

The second change would occur at the top of pyramid. Ambassador Status does not give that much more than Titanium Status. Therefore, I would suggest combining the two to form a new Ambassador Status. Titanium Status would go away because the new top status would have the namesake Ambassador service.

The second change would reduce the number of tiers to four, bringing Marriott in line with its competitors.

Also, the new tier should eliminate the $20,000 spend requirement from the old Ambassador tier. And the stay requirement should be lowered to 75 nights per calendar year. These new requirements are closer to the old Titanium requirements.

Improve Status Offered with Credit Cards

The third change would involve the complimentary statuses given with the Marriott Bonvoy credit cards. After the changes, complimentary Silver Status on the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless Card and the Marriott Bonvoy Business Card would be no more. This also applies to the American Express Platinum Card.

My solution is to offer Gold Status with those cards and Platinum Status with the Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant Card. Offering the remaining lowest tiers drastically improves the value of Marriott’s entire card lineup. I am not suggesting altering the Gold or Platinum tiers in any way but to only to offer them with credit cards. Currently, Platinum Status is not attainable by simply applying for a credit card. However, Gold Status is attainable via the Brilliant Card.

Offering the Gold and Platinum Statuses would help Marriott compete with Hilton and their card lineup. American Express, the issuer of both card series, will also be happy collecting more annual fees.

Change Credit Card Spend Requirements

The current spend threshold to obtain Gold Status on the Boundless card and its business counterpart is $35,000. I would keep this threshold but change the Gold Status to Platinum Status.

Furthermore, there is a current $60,000 threshold to obtain Platinum Status on the Brilliant card. I would eliminate this threshold since there is already a spend threshold and a stay requirement for Ambassador Status.


Post-Change Tiers

After merging the two top and bottom tiers, Marriott Bonvoy Elite Status would be left with four streamlined tiers. To summarize, I’m going to list the benefits and requirements from each modified tier.


There are no spend or stay requirements for this tier. Members will receive the following benefits:

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Mobile Check In
  • Member Rates
  • Late Check Out (no set time)
  • Dedicated Elite Reservation Line
  • Ultimate Reservation Guarantee


Gold Status would become the first earned tier. Everything would remain intact, including the existing 25-night stay requirement. Alternatively, it could be earned with the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless Card or its business counterpart.

Gold members will receive standard membership benefits plus the following:

  • 25% Points Bonus
  • 2 PM Late Check Out
  • Complimentary Room Upgrades (not including suites)
  • Welcome Gift


Like Gold Status, Platinum Status would remain the same as would its 50-night stay requirement. Alternatively, it could be earned with the Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant Card.

Platinum members will receive all the benefits from Gold Status plus the following:

  • 50% Points Bonus
  • 4 PM Late Check Out
  • Complimentary Room Upgrades (including suites)
  • Welcome Gift
  • Annual Choice Benefit (5 choices)
  • Guaranteed Lounge Access


Finally, Ambassador Status would remain Marriott’s apex. Achieving this level would require staying 75 nights. Like before, this level would be reachable directly through applying for a credit card.

Ambassador members will receive all the benefits from Platinum Status plus the following:

  • 75% Points Bonus
  • 48-Hour Room Guarantee
  • Annual Choice Benefit (6 choices)
  • United MileagePlus Silver Status


Final Draw

As it stands, Marriott’s six levels of Bonvoy Elite Status are diluted with benefits spread too thin. A sense of unattainability exists for the upper echelons of Marriott status for many travelers. I hope someone at Marriott figures out that simplicity is better and extends this notion to streamlining the chain’s status system.

Note that these are only suggestions. Marriott is not changing its statuses as nothing official has been announced.