Several weeks ago, I wrote a post on my declining interest in continuing to carry the Marriott Rewards Premier Visa. While I could still use the annual category 5 certificate that it provides, the truth is that with devaluation over time, that certificate is no longer a compelling value to me. Once upon a time, I could use it for one of my favorite pre-cruise hotels, the JW Marriott Miami, but no more. While the $85 annual fee isn’t horrendous, I’ve been looking for a reason to cull my credit card inventory, and this card was at the top of the list.

Just a little while ago I called to close the account. The account was closed and the credit line reallocated to my Sapphire Preferred card in roughly 3 minutes. While I was reminded that the card provided five points per dollar spent at Marriott instead of two points per dollar using the CSP card, I simply stated that I valued those two Ultimate Rewards points more highly than five Marriott Rewards points, and we were done. I did remember to request an envelope to return the heavy metal stock Marriott card to Chase for destruction because scissors are no match for this card. (Image courtesy of


While I would have listened to a retention offer, none was forthcoming, and I did not fish for one. I really just wanted the card gone, and I got my wish. I’ll look at the card again if Chase and Marriott spice it up with some enhanced value down the road. In the meantime, it was time to move on.

-MJ, June 18, 2015