My 2015 Marriott Reward Gold Elite packet arrived today.

marriott rewards, marriott gold elite membership

It was similar to every other one I’ve had listing the benefits of being a Gold member such as:

  • Guaranteed lounge access/breakfast
  • Complimentary room upgrade
  • Complementary Wi-Fi
  • Guaranteed room type

Notably, missing from this year’s packet – a new elite membership card. Instead, Mr. Marriott has invited me to view my mobile Elite membership card on the Marriott® Mobile app.

marriott rewards, marriott gold elite

Granted, that’s something I’ve been doing for a while in the off chance that I couldn’t remember my Marriott Rewards number when I needed it.

marriott rewards, marriott gold elite, marriott mobile app

So, there you have it. If you were in the habit of looking forward to your new membership card each year from Marriott, fret no more. It’s as close as your smartphone. While I rarely needed the card, carrying one in my travel wallet was one of those old travel habits that will prove hard to break. Have your elite membership credentials arrived from your favorite loyalty programs yet? I’m still waiting for my Delta Platinum Medallion packet. What about you?

-MJ, January 20, 2015