I’m traveling this weekend, and staying at a Marriott hotel this weekend. I was just greeted with this email.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 12.21.05 PM

I almost always check in and out using the Marriott iPhone app, so this was an easy opportunity for me. All that’s required to enter is using your smartphone app to check in. It’s easy, and I’ve found most hotels have gotten much better about having dedicated key pick up desks for those who use the app to check in than they were when I first tried it.

The grand prize is 1 million Marriott Rewards points, but there are monthly 100,000 point prizes as well. Are the odds good? I don’t know, but you might as well take the opportunity to win for doing something you’re going to do anyway. Check in with your Marriott mobile app.

You can read more here, and the official rules here.

-MJ, May 15, 2015