Happy Monday! Marriott’s eBreaks list is out for July 27-30, 2017.

If not familiar with Marriott’s eBreaks, a different list of properties is put on on Marriott’s website at the beginning of each week that offers savings of 20% off. Some promotions require full prepayment or are nonrefundable but not Marriott’s eBreaks.

To save readers time from having to click and scroll so much, I put all of the properties together in an easy-to-view master list separated alphabetically. It may be helpful to some readers and I even refer back to it myself during the week rather than going to Marriott’s page.

Here’s a link to all the properties offered this week as well as the booking site.

Use promotional code MEB when booking.

United States


Courtyard Decatur $79-$87 USD/night
Huntsville Marriott $87-$111 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Huntsville Downtown $79-$87 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Huntsville West/Research Park $87-$111* USD/night
TownePlace Suites Huntsville West/Redstone Gateway $87-$95 USD/night


Courtyard Little Rock Downtown $87-$111* USD/night
Courtyard Little Rock North $79-$119 USD/night
Little Rock Marriott $111-$127* USD/night
Residence Inn Little Rock Downtown $95-$159* USD/night


AC Hotel Phoenix Tempe/Downtown $71-$75* USD/night
Courtyard Phoenix Airport $63-$83* USD/night
Courtyard Phoenix Chandler $71-$87* USD/night
Courtyard Phoenix Chandler/Fashion Center $59-$71* USD/night
Courtyard Phoenix North/Happy Valley $59-$83* USD/night
Courtyard Phoenix West/Avondale $71-$87* USD/night
Courtyard Scottsdale North $79-$99* USD/night
Courtyard Tempe Downtown $67-$75* USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Phoenix Chandler/Fashion Center $59-$75* USD/night
Phoenix Airport Marriott $88 USD/night
Phoenix Marriott Tempe at The Buttes $95 USD/night
Residence Inn Phoenix Airport $79-$87 USD/night
Residence Inn Phoenix Mesa $95-$103 USD/night
Residence Inn Phoenix North/Happy Valley $71-$79* USD/night
Residence Inn Tempe $79-$135* USD/night
Residence Inn Tempe Downtown/University $79-$159* USD/night
SpringHill Suites Phoenix Downtown $75* USD/night
SpringHill Suites Phoenix Glendale/Peoria $67-$75* USD/night
SpringHill Suites Phoenix North $59-$63* USD/night
SpringHill Suites Phoenix Tempe/Airport $63* USD/night
SpringHill Suites Scottsdale North $71-$87 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Tempe at Arizona Mills Mall $63* USD/night
The Camby, Autograph Collection $85-$103* USD/night
TownePlace Suites Phoenix Goodyear $87* USD/night
TownePlace Suites Phoenix North $51-$67* USD/night
TownePlace Suites Tempe at Arizona Mills Mall $63* USD/night
Courtyard Tucson Airport $67-$83* USD/night
Courtyard Tucson Williams Centre $71-$87 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Tucson North/Oro Valley $71-$79* USD/night
Residence Inn Tucson Airport $67-$83 USD/night
Residence Inn Tucson Williams Centre $91-$115* USD/night
TownePlace Suites Tucson $79* USD/night
TownePlace Suites Tucson Airport $63* USD/night
TownePlace Suites Tucson Williams Centre $71-$75 USD/night


Fairfield Inn & Suites Selma Kingsburg $91-$107* USD/night
JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa $183 USD/night
Triada Palm Springs, Autograph Collection $111-$143* USD/night
Courtyard San Francisco Airport $143-$223 USD/night
Courtyard San Mateo Foster City $119-$135* USD/night


Trumbull Marriott Merritt Parkway $119-$127 USD/night


Courtyard Wilmington Downtown $103-$135* USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Wilmington New Castle $91* USD/night

District Of Columbia

Courtyard Washington Convention Center $127* USD/night
Courtyard Washington, DC/U.S. Capitol $119-$135* USD/night
Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel $159-$183* USD/night
The Mayflower Hotel, Autograph Collection $151-$159* USD/night


Courtyard Boca Raton $79-$83* USD/night
Courtyard Boynton Beach $79* USD/night
Courtyard West Palm Beach $71* USD/night
Courtyard West Palm Beach Airport $83-$107* USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Boca Raton $75 USD/night
SpringHill Suites West Palm Beach I-95 $79-$87* USD/night
Courtyard Fort Myers Cape Coral $95* USD/night
Courtyard Fort Myers at I-75 and Gulf Coast Town Center $87-$119 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Naples $75 USD/night
Residence Inn Fort Myers at I-75 and Gulf Coast Town Center $87-$111 USD/night
Residence Inn Naples $103-$111 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Fort Myers Airport $87-$95 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Naples $79 USD/night
Courtyard Sarasota Bradenton Airport $103 USD/night
Courtyard Sarasota University Park/Lakewood Ranch Area $103-$119 USD/night
Residence Inn Sarasota Bradenton $111-$119 USD/night
Courtyard Tallahassee Capital $83-$99 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Tallahassee Central $83-$91* USD/night
Hotel Duval, Autograph Collection$103-$119 USD/night
Residence Inn Tallahassee North/I-10 Capital Circle $99-$119* USD/night
SpringHill Suites Tallahassee Central $99-$111 USD/night


Courtyard Waikiki Beach $134-$139* USD/night
The Laylow, Autograph Collection $207-$223 USD/night


Courtyard Champaign $87-$111* USD/night
Fairfield Inn Forsyth Decatur $71-$91* USD/night
Residence Inn Champaign $111 USD/night


Courtyard Indianapolis Airport $127-$159* USD/night
Courtyard Indianapolis Carmel $143-$263* USD/night
Courtyard Indianapolis Castleton $103-$127* USD/night
JW Marriott Indianapolis $159-$207* USD/night


Courtyard Alexandria $95-$103 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Natchitoches $87-$95 USD/night
Residence Inn Lafayette Airport $83-$139 USD/night
Residence Inn Lake Charles $159 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Lafayette South at River Ranch $83-$99* USD/night
SpringHill Suites Lake Charles $135 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Kenner New Orleans Airport $75-$123 USD/night
New Orleans Marriott $127-$151 USD/night
New Orleans Marriott Metairie at Lakeway $95* USD/night


Courtyard Chevy Chase $95-$159* USD/night
Courtyard Gaithersburg Washingtonian Center $87-$159* USD/night
Fairfield Inn Laurel $71-$79* USD/night
Gaithersburg Marriott Washingtonian Center $79-$167* USD/night
Residence Inn Gaithersburg Washingtonian Center $103-$127* USD/night
TownePlace Suites Gaithersburg $95-$115 USD/night
Annapolis Waterfront Hotel, Autograph Collection $255-$343* USD/night


Courtyard Flint Grand Blanc $103-$119* USD/night


Courtyard Columbus $91-$95* USD/night
Courtyard Starkville MSU at The Mill Conference Center $95-$115* USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Columbus $79-$99* USD/night

New York

Courtyard Rochester Brighton $103-$143 USD/night
Fairfield Inn Rochester East $119 USD/night
Residence Inn Rochester West/Greece $127* USD/night
Courtyard Syracuse Downtown at Armory Square $111-$135 USD/night
Marriott Syracuse Downtown $143-$159* USD/night

North Carolina

Courtyard Winston-Salem Hanes Mall $79-$91 USD/night
Residence Inn Winston-Salem University Area $107-$203* USD/night

North Dakota

Courtyard Bismarck North $87-$115* USD/night
Delta Hotels Fargo $95* USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Fargo $87-$95 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Jamestown $63-$79 USD/night
Fairfield Inn Grand Forks $71-$79 USD/night
Fairfield Inn Minot $103-$123* USD/night
Residence Inn Fargo $95* USD/night
SpringHill Suites Grand Forks $80-$96* USD/night


Courtyard Akron Fairlawn $107-$111 USD/night


Courtyard Ardmore $83-$91 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Enid $75-$87 USD/night
Fairfield Inn Oklahoma City South/Crossroads Mall $67-$79 USD/night
Renaissance Oklahoma City Convention Center Hotel $127 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Oklahoma City Midwest City/Del City $91-$99 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Oklahoma City Quail Springs $95 USD/night


Courtyard Allentown Bethlehem/Lehigh Valley Airport $135-$151 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Allentown Bethlehem/Lehigh Valley Airport $103-$135 USD/night
Renaissance Allentown Hotel $121-$179 USD/night
Residence Inn Allentown Bethlehem/Lehigh Valley Airport $127-$191 USD/night
Courtyard Philadelphia City Avenue $143-$151* USD/night
Courtyard Philadelphia Devon $111-$127* USD/night
Courtyard Philadelphia Montgomeryville $103-$135 USD/night
Philadelphia Airport Marriott $135* USD/night
Residence Inn Philadelphia Conshohocken $103-$151 USD/night
Residence Inn Philadelphia Great Valley/Malvern $99-$139* USD/night
Residence Inn Philadelphia Montgomeryville $103-$127 USD/night
Residence Inn Philadelphia Valley Forge $103-$127* USD/night
Residence Inn Philadelphia Willow Grove $103-$123 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Philadelphia Willow Grove $103-$119 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Philadelphia Horsham $87-$95* USD/night


Courtyard Knoxville Cedar Bluff $103* USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Sevierville Kodak $127-$135 USD/night
Residence Inn Knoxville Cedar Bluff $95-$111* USD/night
SpringHill Suites Knoxville at Turkey Creek $103-$111* USD/night
TownePlace Suites Knoxville Cedar Bluff $79* USD/night


Courtyard Austin Downtown/Convention Center $151-$167 USD/night
Courtyard Austin North/Parmer Lane $80-$88* USD/night
Courtyard Austin Northwest/Arboretum $88-$104* USD/night
Courtyard Austin South $87-$103* USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Austin North/Parmer Lane $72-$80* USD/night
Renaissance Austin Hotel $111-$127* USD/night
Residence Inn Austin Downtown/Convention Center $151-$171 USD/night
Residence Inn Austin Lake Austin/River Place $123-$127 USD/night
Residence Inn Austin Northwest/Arboretum $88-$136* USD/night
Residence Inn Austin Southwest $127* USD/night
SpringHill Suites Austin North/Parmer Lane $80-$96* USD/night
SpringHill Suites Austin Northwest/Arboretum $79-$103 USD/night
Courtyard Houston Brookhollow $71-$103 USD/night
Courtyard Houston Downtown/Convention Center $103-$151 USD/night
Courtyard Houston Hobby Airport $67-$83 USD/night
Courtyard Houston I-10 West/Park Row $71-$95 USD/night
Courtyard Houston Katy Mills $79-$87* USD/night
Courtyard Houston Kingwood $79-$95* USD/night
Courtyard Houston Medical Center $71-$99 USD/night
Courtyard Houston Northwes $71-$119* USD/night
Courtyard Houston Northwest/Cypress $87-$99 USD/night
Courtyard Houston The Woodlands $111-$127 USD/night
Courtyard Houston by The Galleria $67-$111 USD/night
Courtyard Houston-West University $71-$103 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Houston I-10 West/Energy Corridor $67-$87* USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Houston North/Spring $63-$71* USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Houston Northwest $63-$95 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Houston Pasadena $71-$95 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Houston Westchase $63-$91 USD/night
Houston Airport Marriott at George Bush Intercontinental $103-$175 USD/night
Houston Marriott Energy Corridor $79-$119 USD/night
Houston Marriott Medical Center $103-$175 USD/night
JW Marriott Houston $111-$159* USD/night
JW Marriott Houston Downtown $151-$207 USD/night
Marriott Marquis Houston $223* USD/night
Residence Inn Houston Clear Lake $95-$111* USD/night
Residence Inn Houston Downtown/Convention Center $111-$147 USD/night
Residence Inn Houston I-10 West/Park Row $71-$103 USD/night
Residence Inn Houston Pasadena $103-$127 USD/night
Residence Inn Houston The Woodlands/Lake Front Circle $111-$135 USD/night
Residence Inn Houston Tomball $91-$107 USD/night
Residence Inn Houston West/Beltway 8 at Clay Road $79-$111* USD/night
Residence Inn Houston West/Energy Corridor $79-$119 USD/night
Residence Inn Houston by The Galleria $79-$111 USD/night
Residence Inn Houston-West University $79-$135 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Houston Baytown $87-$103* USD/night
SpringHill Suites Houston Brookhollow $67-$83* USD/night
SpringHill Suites Houston Downtown/Convention Center $107-$143 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Houston Hwy. 290/NW Cypress $75-$91 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Houston I-10 West/Energy Corridor $71-$95 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Houston Katy Mills $67-$75* USD/night
Sugar Land Marriott Town Square $111 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Houston Central/Northwest Freeway $59-$75* USD/night
TownePlace Suites Houston I-10 West/Energy Corridor $67-$91* USD/night
TownePlace Suites Houston Northwest $79 USD/night


Courtyard Provo $87-$147 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Provo Orem $91-$123* USD/night


Courtyard Alexandria Pentagon South $95-$111* USD/night
Courtyard Fairfax Fair Oaks $95-$111* USD/night
Courtyard Herndon Reston $63-$95* USD/night
Courtyard Tysons Corner Fairfax $71-$135* USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Dulles Airport Chantilly $71* USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Potomac Mills Woodbridge $103-$111 USD/night
Residence Inn Fairfax City $103-$143 USD/night
Residence Inn Herndon Reston $95-$143 USD/night
Residence Inn Tysons Corner Mall $79-$135 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Centreville Chantilly $87-$95* USD/night
SpringHill Suites Dulles Airport $79-$87* USD/night
SpringHill Suites Herndon Reston $71-$79* USD/night
TownePlace Suites Springfield $79-$119* USD/night
Washington Dulles Marriott Suites $103 USD/night
Courtyard Blacksburg $119-$131* USD/night
Courtyard Bristol $83-$91* USD/night
Courtyard Roanoke Airport $95-$111* USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Wytheville $143-$155* USD/night


SpringHill Suites Kennewick Tri-Cities $119-$127* USD/night
SpringHill Suites Wenatchee $175-$215 USD/night

West Virginia

Courtyard Bridgeport Clarksburg $79-$87* USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Martinsburg $111* USD/night


Madison Marriott West $111-$151* USD/night

Outside of the US


Courtyard Recife Boa Viagem $183-$199 BRL/night


Fairfield Inn & Suites Coatzacoalcos $40* USD/night



Delta Hotels Waterloo $135* CAD/night
Residence Inn London Downtown $127-$151* CAD/night