Happy Monday! Marriott’s eBreaks list is out for January 21-24, 2016.

If not familiar with Marriott’s eBreaks, a different list of properties is put on on Marriott’s website at the beginning of each week that offers savings of 20% off. Some promotions require full prepayment or are nonrefundable but not Marriott’s eBreaks. A feature which is especially great for business travelers is that Marriott eBreaks’ discounted rates offer cancellation until the day prior to check-in with no penalty.

To save readers time from having to click and scroll on each state, I was putting all of the properties together in an easy-to-view master list separated by state. It was probably quite helpful to some readers and I’d even refer back to it myself during the week rather than going to Marriott’s page because I didn’t need all the visual fluff.

Unfortunately, after the
recent changes to the format of the list I found it much more difficult to rearrange the properties since they were grouped by region rather than state. It took a ton more time than it was worth, so from now on I’ll just provide the link to Marriott’s website where the eBreaks are listed.

Here’s the link to this week’s list.

I still think the eBreaks are a good deal, and I recommend signing up for Marriott’s weekly email that provides a weekly link as well.

Here’s a link to sign up for Marriott eBreaks emails.