**Update**: Looks like it was a system glitch, the points/nt information is back on. The new filter to find availability stays. (Hat-Tip to reader JoeSocks for leaving an update in the comments)

Another day, another reason to feel bonvoyed. Marriott Bonvoy award search results no longer display the points required and award availability at each property. Members must use a new filter option to see available hotels and click through to see the points needed for redemption.

My last set of award booking was a week ago and I was able to see the points and availability on the award results page. Unfortunately, this morning, I stumbled upon added “layers of complexity”. The saving grace was that the Category of the property still displays on the page. In my example below, my results for Cape Town show 17 properties, no points/nt information, a new button to filter for ‘Available Hotels Only’. To know if the property is available on points, I must use the new filter button. And to know how many points it would cost, I must click through. Ugh.

Screenshots below show pertinent bits of information;


Marriott Bonvoy award search



Using the ‘Show available hotels only’ filter my result set drops from 17 hotels to 16 hotels. Now I am ready to find out how many points I would need per night or for my entire stay.

Marriott Bonvoy award search


Marriott Bonvoy award search

Take Away

Unless you know what each category translates to, points/nt not showing on the search result page is a major pain point. And more so, with availability not showing as default feature, Bonvoy continues to make things harder and confusing. Like I said before, another day another reason to feel bonvoyed.