Along with Marijuana legalization, it was only a matter of time before the first pot-friendly resort came along. For those that booked at CannaCamp in Colorado though, they’ll have to wait a little longer than expected.

After the resort in the Rockies opened for bookings, guests excitedly booked at the rate of $395 a night for a minimum of 3 nights, and the website touted “cannabis activities” such as cooking with cannabis, cannabis yoga, cannabis massage, cannabis dinners….you get the idea.

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The 170 acre resort was set to open July 1, 2015 and even though the resort wouldn’t be able to provide marijuana per the law, guests would have been allowed to bring their own and use while on property (not inside guest rooms though).

Under the location tab on the website it says that it is just 30 minutes from Durango. Private outdoor decks and refrigerators and just some of the amenities that the resort listed, along with gorgeous photos of the cabins.

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Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight show did a funny segment on CannaCamp just a few days before the resort was set to open, highlighting the pros and cons of going to Marijuana Camp –

As soon as the segment aired, CannaCamp instantly got a ton of interest, and also scrutiny. According to The Durango Herald, the Mary Jane Group’s partners had planned on opening the camp at the Wilderness Trails Ranch in Bayfield. However, even though they had made a partnership with a family member of the ranch, somehow they missed the fact that the ranch had already been sold. So the resort didn’t actually have a physical location, which was not good for those who had booked and were planning to stay there just a few days later.

The CannaCamp website is still taking reservations, though a clickable note at the bottom says to leave a message and someone will be in touch. It appears that those who had hoped to stay at the resort are being re-accommodated until further notice.

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Meanwhile, the partners are scrambling to find an idyllic location suitable for CannaCamp which will most likely open in 2016.