I’ve been on 36 cruises, but I know people that have been on hundreds. One thing most of us agree on is this – you don’t just “fall” overboard from a modern cruise liner. Points, Miles, and Martinis writes about the story of a young gentleman who went overboard from Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas last week. Fortunately for this person, he was picked up by a Disney ship that was following Oasis near port. (Image © 2015 by Marshall Jackson)

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I’m sorry this happened, but very happy to hear the person appears to be doing OK. It’s not clear what happened to this gentlemen, whether he jumped or “fell.” What is clear is this – if you are on a cruise, don’t dance on the rails, hang half yourself overboard, or do anything “extra-curricular” on the ship’s guardrail.

I look after myself on a cruise the same way I do walking around Atlanta, Washington, DC, or Spivey’s Corner, NC. Don’t do anything dumb.

-MJ, January 13, 2015