Whether it be a non-cleared system-wide upgrade, a cheap fare, or the only option, Economy is almost unavoidable at one point or another. I’ve in fact just booked a generous Economy fare myself to New Zealand with Singapore Airlines. Whilst a lie-flat bed in Business Class is always the preferred alternative, here are a few ways to make your journey at the back of the plane more bearable.


If you arrive at your flight flustered, or fresh from 2 hours of queuing, likelihood is that you will have a miserable flight. Every last inconvenience will annoy you and you’ll end up far worse when you get out on the other side. The best way to relax before your flight? A lounge of course! It’s no secret that most lounges offer a tranquil escape from airport chaos. Consider investing in a credit card/Priority Pass which offers lounge access. If you’re an infrequent traveller, maybe it would suit you better just to fork out the $20-30 as a pay-per-visit fee. If you’re planning to visit a lounge, it’s vital to arrive with plenty of time so you aren’t rushed. Be sure to get the full value time-wise.

STN lounge


If you have pre-assigned seats, there’s no point in queuing up to board. Instead, let other passengers do the queuing while you relax in the waiting area. Then, when the queue starts to dwindle, you’re free to board unimpeded. After all, you’ll only be sitting down again with less legroom as soon as you board.



If you’re given a pillow for sleeping, use it behind your lower back for lumbar support instead of behind your head. For those who use it as head support, it will just fall off as soon as you nod off. If you use the blanket for wrapping around your body, make sure it’s tucked in to prevent the same outcome, and ensure your seat-belt is on over the top to avoid being woken by the crew in the event of turbulence. In fact, depending on your flight timing, it may be advantageous from a jet-lag point of view to keep sleep to a minimum. I explored this more in How To Avoid Jet-Lag.

Another nice feature of Business Class is an amenity kit. But who’s to say you can’t make your own to bring? When travelling at the back, I always bring a toothbrush/paste, moisturiser and some deodorant. Just make sure all your lotions and potions are under 100ml and easily accessible for security. Also, why not bring your own favourite sauce/seasoning to make your airline meals a little less bland?

If you like your home comforts as much as me, you might also consider bringing pyjamas and slippers on board. It’s always nice to take your shoes off on a long flight, and it also saves your feet swelling up.

final thoughts

With these tips, you’ll be a cool, calm, collected traveller in no time. Say goodbye to the days of stressful airport rushes and hello to the refined traveller!

Any one else got any handy travel tips?