I’m traveling today, and I was right at the point where I needed to decide, lunch at Fridays or just snacks in the club. Knowing that Delta has recently upgraded its food options in the Sky Club, I elected to just head straight for the Sky Club. The T Sky Club in Atlanta has always been a favorite of mine. It still has the old-school Crown Room feel and furnishings (not that there’s anything wrong with the more modern Sky Club decor), is quiet (usually), and happened to be next to my departure gate. While this wasn’t my first visit since the new food rolled out, it was the first one where I had the time and inclination to sample.



One of my favorite bartenders recommended the chicken salad last week, so seeing that it was available today, I went for it. The bartender was correct – the cranberry chicken salad was quite tasty! I rolled with that, cheese spread, veggies, and the Italian Wedding Soup. Turns out, it was a pretty good lunch, all for the price of admission that is included with my Amex Platinum Card!

A few observations – I was in the club the morning after the new food options were rolled out. There was a manager in the club training staff on the new food. I’ve been in the Sky Club 4 times since, and each time, someone on the staff has asked me what I thought. I’ve been honest – it’s improved, and I appreciate it. It isn’t foreign airline lounge class, but it’s certainly tops for complimentary lounge food for the big legacy US airlines, I think. Have you tried the new food? What did you think?

-MJ, August 27, 2014