Having taken the sleeper train up to Glasgow for a week – an interesting experience indeed – I decided to get a flight back to London, giving me a chance to take a look at Glasgow’s resident lounge, the Upperdeck Lounge.

Location and ambiance

It is somewhat out of the way (up some stairs at the back of a restaurant), and took a while to find. It is used by most of the airlines for Business Class passengers, but is also a Priority Pass lounge. You can also pay a £20 entry fee. Before I got to the lounge, I took a look at the amenities on the Loungebuddy App. They’re offering all first-time users $10 off lounge entry at any participating worldwide lounge with the code airlineguy.

The first thing that strikes you is the light and views of the Upperdeck Lounge. Two of the four walls are large bay windows, one boasting a spectacular view of an apron. In my hour in the lounge, I saw some interesting traffic, such as a Virgin Atlantic 747-400 bound for Orlando, whose pilots I was having a chat with in the security queue.

VA 747 @ GLA

Food and Drink (Breakfast)

The food selection was rather standard for a lounge of this sort. Snacks and drinks were aplenty, and I managed to be there for both breakfast and lunch service. For breakfast, cereal, porridge, yoghurt, biscuits, muffins and fruit were offered. There was also a bar, where you could buy alcoholic drinks such as champagne.


Food and Drink (Lunch)

For lunch, the selection was crisps, snacks, two soups, sandwiches and cake.



Also on offer at the lounge was a kids’ play area, which I imagine could get quite noisy at peak times. It had a ‘game zone’, with games consoles as well. The reading selection was well-stocked, containing many different national and local newspapers.

Upperdeck Glasgow play area Upperdeck Glasgow games zone

Final Thoughts

The Upperdeck Lounge had a nice ambience, and was a cut above sitting in a restaurant in the departures area. For a basic lounge, the food selection was plentiful, as were the drinks. The play areas make it a good place to bring kids, though I imagine it could get quite disruptive at times. Would I pay the £20 entry fee? Probably not. But for all Priority Pass holders, it’s a decent place to go if you’re waiting.

It was only when I’d disembarked the aircraft at London that I got a nasty surprise

Have you visited? Would you recommend it? How does it sound?

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