Imagine holding a high level of frequent flyer status for a lifetime. Sounds good, doesn’t it? It is one of those perks that some airlines offer in their loyalty scheme.

This is the reward for sticking with the same airline for what could be years on end. It means that if you retire and no longer travel for work, you can keep your elite level forever.

Is Lifetime Status Achievable?

British Airways offer Gold for life in their Executive Club. You need 35,000 tier points to achieve this, which is quite a lot. Considering you need 1,500 each year to achieve Gold, it would take you over 23 years to get this forever.

Once you have it, you will be Emerald in the oneworld alliance, giving you access to the first class lounges of all the member airlines. It sounds pretty sweet!

Fellow oneworld carrier Qantas offers lifetime Silver and lifetime Gold. This means achieving 7,000 or 14,000 status credits and it gives you Ruby or Sapphire in the alliance.

Considering it takes 700 status credits to reach Gold, it means a 20 year journey if you hit that mark every year. Sapphire gets you business class lounge access and the associated perks, so it’s not as good as what British Airways offer.

Is It Worth Chasing?

While it would be nice to have, I think chasing it would be a little difficult unless you had a lot of money. I have 3,999 status credits with Qantas, which are pretty much dormant since I switched to British Airways many years ago.

Since then, I have managed to rack up just 6,215 tier points with BA, meaning I am quite far away from the goal of 35,000. I’d sure like to have lifetime status, but I think it is going to be out of my reach unless I do some serious flying in the next 20 years.

Overall Thoughts

Lifetime status is a pretty cool goal to aspire to if you’re serious about your frequent flyer level. Some airlines don’t offer this at all, so you would be smart to make sure you’re a member of a programme that does offer it.

You never know, you might just reach it naturally! Do you have lifetime elite status with your airline programme? Has it changed your flying habits at all? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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