Maybe it was inevitable that the world would change at 30,000 feet. That’s not entirely unusual but the culmination of events have caused a pause in my normal everyday thinking. Last week on Inauguration Day and just before you roll your eyes and sense the coming of a pro or con perspective, relax. I’m not what you would consider a political person and that in effect is not the reason for this random rumination of thought.

What I am is human and while the world watches with anticipation and trepidation, the world continues to evolve outside the bubble of DC. In the matter of a week I’ve watched my own world evolve. I feel no need to bore anyone with the details of the goings on in my life. I only wish to include the moral of my story. And the moral lies within the very message that suddenly became quite clear, not only for those who yearn to travel the world, but everyone.

The fact that this occurred to me on this day of all days is hardly invisible. Knowing what has transpired miles below me in DC, I couldn’t help but search for one good thing that the entire world could all take away from the events that have brought us here. You can’t point to a political agreement, obviously, as there is no common thread, but a true message lies within what we have witnessed. That message came to me through my own events and the events of the United States presidential race simultaneously. That message? Nothing is impossible.


Quite a simple conclusion, right. Those three words we can all agree I’m sure. From a presidential standpoint we can all admit that this new era was a surprise, no matter which side you fall on. And whether you’re licking your wounds or pumping your fist, that message of possibility should shine through loud and clear. And yes, there should lie within the results a theme that we all embrace. Let me explain.

Much of my writing revolves around the notion of balance, specifically between work and travel. We all travel, but we are all not travelers. That title belongs to the ambitious minority who devote their lives to something that most would consider an infrequent luxury. And out of those people who merely travel, a small percentage desire more, much more. In essence, looking for every possibility to tip the scales in their favor. To purposely chase this dream of being a part of a bigger picture. To, in essence, see the world on their schedule.

For some, this decision is made with haste and with very little thought. In the world of travel, they may be the lucky ones. They may be minimalist with regards to belongings and simply have the luxury of blowing with the wind. For others, the desire to move on to what, in your mind, completes you can be an anguishing decision that affects your day-to-day routine. When things feel impossible , the mind tends to wander into the negative and dreams seem out of reach.

Consider this a personal manifesto of sorts but one that lives in many of us. What if we all did exactly what we were meant to do? Would the world function with great ease and stability? Would we all achieve a level of happiness in every aspect of our life? Unfortunately these are questions that can not and will not be answered at the present time. But in this concept lies the truth that we all must face sooner or later in our journey we call life and that is nothing is impossible.

The best thing we can do is open our eyes and our imagination and see that our dreams may not be dreams at all. Maybe our dreams are meant to be the blueprint for what we all are capable of being. If that’s the case maybe we should pay more attention to the things we feel are just a bit out of reach and focus on putting them within arms length. To live with regret is to not live at all. The goal doesn’t have to be met quickly, it simply has to be recognized.

So why this post and why now? That’s a valid question from any readers searching for that line that connects this to travel. There are travel deals and travel reviews. There are credit cards and shopping portals. But at the core of all travelers there is the desire, and it’s that desire which causes us to keep going. What keeps us from pursuing a life of balance or what keeps us from tipping the scales to one side or the other.


So this is for the dreamers out there who haven’t yet read their blueprint. The only one who has the power to extinguish your aspirations is you. The moment that everything becomes unattainable is simply the time when you choose to give up. And the next time you choose to give up and say it’s not possible? Just remember who became the President of the United States. Nothing is impossible.

Live within your means, Travel Beyond Them.