The Cleveland Cavaliers will be playing the New York Knicks twice this season, and the management team booked them to stay at the four star Trump Soho in New York.

Larger-than-life player LeBron James is making headlines today by boycotting Trump properties, and refusing to stay at the Trump Soho with the team.

Donald Trump doesn’t actually own the property but bears his name because of a licensing agreement, and Mr. James’ boycott isn’t a surprise since he was a Clinton campaign supporter. At least a handful of the other Cavalier players are reportedly also refusing to stay at the Trump Soho.

Trump Soho

Trump Soho

Management quickly stepped in and announced that they’d offer an alternative hotel for any players preferring not to stay at the Trump property. quotes the team’s manager as saying the original hotel booking was made before the results of the election were known, and

because it was the only NBA-caliber hotel in Manhattan in which the team could get guarantees for playoff rooms

This isn’t the first time that particular hotels have been avoided to make sure that a favorable political association wasn’t assumed, and the Dallas Mavericks, Memphis Grizzlies, and Milwaukee Bucks have all done so with Trump Hotels as well.