LAX-HNL Domestic Lie Flat:

I remember a couple years back when US-Hawaii planes were all really old and there wasn’t many (if any) domestic lie flat seats for Mainland to Hawaii routes.

Back in 2014, I found one domestic lie flat flight from LAX-HNL. DL 611, operated by a internationally configured 763 because it continued on to Nagoya, Japan. My Silver Medallion upgrade cleared, and I was flying in a Delta One seat! (Previously Business Elite). Nice way to start off my Hawaiian vacation. For what I remember, it was the only flight from LAX-HNL back then with lie flat seats.

Now, July 2017 to be exact :), there are many flights that offer lie-flat seats from LAX-HNL!


Delta still operates a 1x daily service from LAX-HNL and HNL-LAX on a 767-300. The LAX-HNL leaves early morning, normally 8am, and the HNL-LAX departs around 11am for an evening arrival in LAX.

Delta 767 Lie Flat


Hawaiian has recently added lie flats on their A330’s! All 3x daily flights from LAX-HNL and HNL-LAX offer lie flat seating.

Domestic Lie Flat

Hawaiian Lie Flat A330 Image: Hawaiian Airlines Press


Previously, United operated the 777-200 from LAX-HNL in its domestic configuration with the 2-3-2 in first class with just recliner seating. Now they still operate the 777, but it has lie flats! It is still awkward with a 2-4-2 configuration??? But hey at least its lie flat! I wouldn’t really want to fly on this one if I stuck in the middle. This 777 operates 1x daily in both directions, and early morning flight from LAX-HNL, and the red eye for HNL-LAX.


Domestic Lie Flat

United 777 Lie Flat! Avoid the Middle Seats! Image: The Points Guy

The Verdict:

It’s nice to note that there’s 3 different airlines with domestic lie flat seats for LAX-HNL routes! A fun way to try a lie flat product on a 5 hour hop.