Hewlett-Packard came through for me. They are sending me a new computer. After getting my problem elevated to a case manager who reviewed all the difficulties I had, they’ve determined that my computer cannot be repaired.

While I don’t have the new computer yet, I expect to get it within the next two weeks. The case manager was very forthright with me. They’ll replace it with equal or better per the warranty, but their in-stock inventory is very low right now due to all the back to school sales. So I may have to wait for the replacement to be built. I’ve waited this long, I’ll wait a little longer to get what I want. Aside from the fact that it only worked for 6 days, this particular laptop is the perfect combo of weight and performance….I really like it. I just happened to get a lemmon. And unfortunately, my travel schedule over the last few weeks prohibited me from just taking the thing back to Best Buy before the 14 day return window expired. I tried to get them to take it back, but I was there on day 19 instead of 14! I tried speaking to a manager who can make a decision on such matters, but after 10 minutes of waiting, I gave up.

Overall, I’m happy with the way HP has stepped up on this. I’ll post one last time on this when I get the replacement computer.