Well, I can say that I’ve survived my first week at work after returning from Key West. What a wonderful place! I’ve always loved Key West, but had only visited as part of a cruise itinerary. In other words, I’ve never been there for more than 6 hours. All I can say is that isn’t enough, and neither was our long weekend!

Our flights were mostly fine. We traveled American Airlines from Washington National to Key West with connections in Miami. The service from Miami to Key West is American Eagle turboprop service, but that’s fine for such a short flight. We experienced perhaps a 15 minute departure delay from DCA on the outbound. The flight was operated with a 737-800, and is scheduled for a 35 minute turn. Speaking from some experience on the subject, turning a full Miami inbound and outbound in 35 minutes is hard to do…..and AA didn’t. On the upside, the airplane was clean by today’s standards, and the crew was relatively pleasant.

Our return flight from Key West was 30 minutes late, but our layover was scheduled for over 2 hours, so no problems there. No reason for the delay was ever offered, but the agents did announce the updated departure time as soon as the aircraft operating our flight took off from Miami.

We visited the American Airlines Admirals Club on Concourse D in Miami during both layovers. The D club is large and relatively new. It is a beautiful club, and is equipped with several showers, T-Mobile WiFi, and they do offer a cheese and cracker service in the afternoon dinner hour time frame. As you probably know, any US airline’s club offering in the food department is usually inferior to that of most foreign carriers. But that still doesn’t change the fact that the Miami club is very nice. As a side note, I have visited the other Admirals Club in Miami on other trips, and it is very nice as well, just a good bit smaller than the D Concourse club.

The very fine staff at American’s Admirals Club at Washington National was wonderful as always. If you ever have occasion to visit this club, ask if Gary is tending bar that day. And if he is, order a Bloody Mary. You will not be disappointed. Though Gary tells me that the San Juan Club may give him a run for his money on Bloody Mary’s! Fortunately, I’ll be there in November, so I’ll get a chance to sample their offerings!

All in all, a wonderful trip to a wonderful place. I already want to go back. And oh yeah…. Lady Astrojets and I got ourselves engaged while we were there! 🙂