We have some rather odd holiday traditions here in America. If you are scratching your head, think of the jellied cranberry sauce served at some Thanksgiving celebrations, still in the shape of the can it came in.

When you travel you get to experience other holiday traditions, and Japan has an amusing one for Christmas. Families race to reserve dinner sets as early as October…for KFC. When I was in Japan I was surprised to see that it was such a popular tradition.

Back in 1974, Kentucky Fried Chicken had a campaign in Japan called “Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii” (Kentucky for Christmas) that included chicken and wine, and a bucket of Christmas Chicken in Japan has been hugely popular ever since.

Even if you don’t have a ton of family around, Christmas dinners are also marketed as romantic occasions for lovers, and it seems that all of Japan has embraced KFC for their go-to Christmas dinner provider.

If you want a bucket of Christmas chicken on the big day and don’t reserve ahead of time you might find yourself waiting in lines up to two hours long. Wow. Besides, there are so many options to choose from. I don’t know if they have champagne any more but online the sets even show a white cake (maybe cheesecake?) or chocolate cake.



While the thought of eating KFC on Christmas doesn’t appeal to everyone, it certainly is a fun tradition. I am also slightly jealous of the fun Moomin character bowls that KFC in Japan has. The next time I am there I might even stop in and get a set. I don’t think they are just for Christmas so not part of the regular tradition but still fun.


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