Thanks so much to those of you who have taken the time to comment to the blog about travel related topics you’d like to read more about on the blog.  As you may have read, I’m giving away a $50 dollar American Express gift card to a lucky winner who comments to the contest entry post with a travel related topic they’d like to read more about here at Marshall Jackson on Travel.

Let’s face it.  I’m a niche player in the travel blogging universe.  I fly American and Delta, I rent cars from Avis and Hertz, and I stay at Starwood hotels first…and everyone else next.  Oh, and I cruise on Royal Caribbean and Celebrity.  And those are the things I tend to blog about.  While I might not be able to target my blogging towards every comment I receive between now and when the contest closes on April 9th, I’ve already spotted some topics that I want to do something with.

Today, I’ll talk about the frequent flier program I’ll be learning more about.  Reader AstroGG would like to hear more about Continental OnePass.  I couldn’t agree more.  Living in DC, the only “hub” carrier we have is United out at Dulles.  But that’s 25 miles from my doorstep so I don’t really think of myself as a “hub captive” to United as I primarily fly from DCA.  That said, it makes sense for me to pool my Star Alliance miles somewhere when I do have to fly on a Star carrier.  I’ve decided that program will be Continental OnePass.  I’ve got my reasons for picking Continental, not the least of which is that I feel that if they do wind up merging with United, Continental will be the “surviving” airline even if they keep the United name.  Then there’s the not so small issue of United’s StarNet blocking habits.  Frankly, I think Continental is just a darn good airline.  So look for more information on Continental OnePass here at Marshall Jackson on Travel.  I commit to getting smart on the ins and outs of OnePass in short order, and we’ll learn together.

More to come.  And keep those comments coming.