Are we done hearing about kale yet, or do you think kale has become the new “bacon?”

Apparently reports San Diego Union-Tribune reporter, who attended last week’s four-day National Restaurant Association convention in Chicago. Talk of kale and other very healthy foods ruled the halls, panel discussions and trade show booths, and there was no sign that demand for “healthy” is going away, she wrote in her article.

“We’re going to be talking more about real foods. You’re not just throwing something on the plate, you’re handcrafting it, and it’s fresh. It’s the No. 1 most powerful driver of menus. You’re delivering on the real thing,” Atlanta-based menu consultant Nancy Kruse told Weisburg.

Some people are obsessing over healthy options even when they don’t know exactly why, Weisberg pointed out. She referred to people who ban gluten from their diets for health reasons without knowing what gluten is or why they should banish it.

Jimmy Kimmel made fun of this odd trend recently by doing man-on-the-street interviews with people who said they were following a gluten-free diet – but when asked “why,” they couldn’t give a real explanation.

Readers: Are you in the “Give me more kale” camp (like me), or are you in the “Where’s my bacon?” camp? Why?


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