You may have noticed that every Sunday afternoon of late, a new post has appeared entitled “This Week at MJ on Travel” with the current date. Let me tell you what I’m up to. This Week at MJ on Travel is one of a few changes I’m making to the blog. You can expect a “This Week” post every Sunday afternoon going forward. The post will basically offer a table of contents for what I expect to post in the week ahead. Of course, it’s only a partial roadmap because unexpected things happen during the week in travel and I will certainly post about those too.

This Week at MJ on Travel is just a small promise from me. Each week, you can expect a quick post that includes a summary of what I expect to talk about during the week. It won’t be the only thing I expect to blog about, but it is a quick way forward. I’d love to hear from you about what other little things I can do to make the blog more useful for you.