I was going to say a couple words about the J class upgrades to American’s 777-200 product earlier this week. I set the post to go live on Tuesday morning, and it was a bit of an #AvGeek thing for me. Then AA announced its devaluation. Deval or not, everything I said in the original April 8th blog stands true for the most part. I’m happy to see AA investing in its product again. So here it is, in its entirety, right down to the date in the signature. ^MJ

This is a bit of an #AvGeek piece so be warned. American’s release of details about its forthcoming B777-200 retrofit were widely discussed on numerous blogs Monday, but for the sake of review here are a few shots of the new interior. All images courtesy of AA.com.





I love the new Boeing mood lighting and bar by the entry door. I’d be duly impressed if it was a tended bar, but I digress. 🙂 The new business seats look great, and I’m looking forward to flying a similar seat on a different AA aircraft type very soon. Main cabin looks nice, and the enhanced entertainment and power options at every seat are a welcome change, 10 abreast in coach not so much. The 777 is a widebody, and so am I! You can check out AA’s website for more details.

But About the #AvGeek Thing

I’ve had my ups and downs with American since I left and became a customer instead of an employee. I split on good terms, leaving for “greener pastures,” and have wished nothing but the best for the company, and especially my former colleagues, many of whom still remain. As one of my old bosses once told me, I’ve still got “a little red, white, and blue blood in me.” For a while there, it seemed like every time I flew AA, I was delayed. Missed connections, hours long delays for maintenance, etc. It got to be a little much for me, and I decided to try other airlines. All the while, I followed the company closely, right into the long awaited bankruptcy.

I know that was a hard time for the company, the rumors of a merger, employee cuts…more cuts, etc., but somewhere along the way things began to turn….and it started under prior management. The company began to invest in its product again. New aircraft, new seats, new services. It was almost as if the AA I remembered was coming back, and I think they are. It’s gratifying to watch the new American take wing, and continue these product improvements. The jury is no doubt still out on “the merger,” but for now, there’s something to celebrate, and a new premium product to aspire to fly. Here’s hoping it continues.

-MJ, April 8, 2014