Forgive me for feeling a little nostalgic for Ronald Reagan and “Morning in America” right now. I’m sitting at the Evansville, Indiana airport now waiting for my flight to Atlanta. This is the kind of airport that I wish I could fly from more often. There’s not auto rental car return. You simply pick an empty space, write down your mileage, fuel level, and time, then walk it to the counter where there’s no line. TSA only opens when it’s time for the flight to leave. The people in the airport cafe are actually friendly. And frankly, it’s just kind of nice here. There are times when I love the hustle-bustle of a big city airport, and then, there are times when I like to slow down. I guess this weekend is one of those times.

Being here for all of 24 hours reminds me (not that I ever forgot) that there’s a whole other country outside the beltway bubble in which I currently live. It’s good for me to be here. It would probably be good for more of our national leaders to spend more time in the rest of America too.