And it feels like it’s almost 80 degrees out!  A slight stretch, but trust me, it’s warm out.  I don’t know if traffic conditions on I-95 represent any kind of barometer of the overall economy or not.  The trip down from DC should take about 5 hours.  At Christmas, it is usually a 6-hour plus, profanity laced odyssey of stop and go traffic.  Today, the drive took exactly 4.5 hours, and we did not slow down once for anything.  I won’t complain.  On the other hand, getting into the local Wal-Mart parking lot was something akin to driving to the Super Bowl.  Yes, I’m living on the edge in rural eastern North Carolina for a few days.

Based on the news stories, trying to fly somewhere right now is an ordeal.  My heart goes out to those of you that are stuck at an airport or train station right now.  I’ll work on posting something more meaningful after tomorrow.