A questionable looking blob on an easy chair, an odd yet colorful stain on the bedsheets, an unknown sticky white powdery substance on a table like the one above, and a long dark curly hair already wrapped in a towel before you’ve arrived. We’ve all been there, and many people just quickly turn away while making a “yuck” face.

Tiny white crusty spots

Tiny white crusty spots at a 5* hotel I stayed at recently

I came across a website today that gave me the heebie jeebies, without even setting foot in any hotels. Called “Hotel Nightmares“, the review site features a compilation of all the down and dirty stuff found in hotel rooms. Entries are made by the anonymous Flight Attendant X as well as guests that submit stories from hotels they’ve stayed at. Nothing seems to be off-limits, and the site covers everything from vomit and bed bugs to…well, you get the idea.

We’re not just talking about lowly 1* properties, either. Higher end hotels are on the page too, though I don’t expect the Park Hyatt Tokyo to make the list, ever.

With titles such as “The Shroud of Urine” and “Treats under the Bed” with photos displaying the evidence, the only thing I know for sure is that I cannot go back to that website or I won’t be able to sleep when I’m in hotels! And as a warning for those tempted to click on the “treats” link above, it isn’t a picture of some fluffy bedroom slippers.

Some might be fascinated and unable to turn away from the train wreck. I, on the other hand know that filthiness can happen anywhere but am simply too yucked out to go back. Hotel Nightmares, indeed.

Do you dare?