The world’s first Astrology hotel opened earlier this month in Sydney Australia.

Called The Ultimo, the property curated with Astrologer Damian Rocks has all the usual amenities in their 95 guest rooms like free wifi.

The hotel also aims to give you “experiences to make you feel aligned to your astrological sign”.

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When you check in you’ll be given a city guide based on your zodiac sign, recommending where to eat and drink in the city (called Gastrology) and things to do and see in the area (Experiology).

From quirky Do Not Disturb signs to Astrology artwork lining the walls, the hotel has touches of starry fun.

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In addition, you can sip some Astrolo-tea chosen to match your zodiac sign, and nestle into a cozy corner of the Astrology library to read up on your horoscope.

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Rates start at 220 AUD (about 170 USD) for the Star Chart package, which comes with your very own personalized star chart and moon calendar to guide you.

An Off the Chart package including a one-hour private astrology consultation to align your astro-vibe can be had for 311 AUD (238 USD).

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If you are passing through Sydney but don’t have time for a stay, here’s how to get your free astrological guide to the city

Navigate to the hotel’s website –

Click on City Guide on the top bar.

The page will scroll down to show you all of the zodiac sign guides.

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Hover over and choose the one for your zodiac sign and your city guide will be revealed, including fun places to eat and explore.