World of Hyatt has been improving their app. They are even giving members a 500-point bonus when you book a stay on it. The bonus offer period ends on September 30, 2019. Moreover, similar improvements are coming to World of Hyatt’s website. Specifically, they are making the process of searching for the perfect hotel easier for their guests.


What’s Going On?

As reported by Miles to Memories (H/T), World of Hyatt is adding a search filter that includes Club Lounges as an option. This is a great feature for Globalist members especially because lounge access comes complimentary for them. Those who pay with points will also have access to Club Lounges.

Right now, you must manually search for properties with Club Lounges. Searching for properties with lounges through about 800 around the world is time-consuming. Fortunately, Hyatt has thought about their customers’ experiences and decided to automate the process on their website.

The changes will be coming in winter 2019-2020. Furthermore, its possible that Hyatt might add filters for other features such as suites, pools, and club rooms. I am hopeful that they will add the additional filters because they usually listen to their customers.


The Status Quo

Hyatt’s website has a search feature that has two pages. The first lets you look for new hotels and the second lets you rebook hotels that you have already stayed at. This post focuses on the first page.

Right now, the only way to search for a new hotel is to enter your destination, check-in date, and check-out date. Furthermore, Hyatt’s website has drop down menus for the number of guests and special rates. There is also a toggle button to let the computer know that you are using points.

The current setup helps to keep searching simple, especially for those who get overwhelmed when making travel arrangements. However, you do not have to select an option for the toggle button or drop-down menus. The same argument will apply for the search filters.

The key with searching for travel arrangements is balance. Too much detail and you might get no search results back. But too little detail and you might get overwhelmed with options.


Final Draw

World of Hyatt is a favorite hotel chain among many points and miles enthusiasts. That’s because their points are the most valuable of the major hotel chains. Furthermore, their customer service is usually fantastic, and their status levels have a lot to offer.

I’m glad that World of Hyatt is making improvements to their website as they have done with their app.