One visit isn’t a trend, but I thought it was worth sharing.  The A Center Sky Club in Atlanta is usually my first stop once I get to the A Concourse at Hartsfield.  It’s quieter, and well…just better in my humble opinion than the other club on A Con.  So as luck and habit would have it, I found myself in the A Center Sky Club waiting for my 4:20PM departure back to DCA yesterday afternoon.

The first thing I noticed was a lot more space on the bar than usual was occupied with snacks.  Cheese and crackers, the usual weird sweet and spicey nut mix, dried fruit, hummus, crudites, Nutella, Biscoffs, and some really good chocolate chunk cookies.  While they still aren’t up to the old World Club standard, I’ll call this an improvement over my last several visits, and a return to what Delta was offering a couple of years ago.

Granted, this isn’t real food like many foreign carriers offer in their lounges, but it’s a step up from what it was.  What are you noticing out there?  Was this a one-off experience on my part, or has Delta put a little extra pocket change into the snack offerings at Sky Club?

Special Note: Just in case anyone from Delta stops by to read this as I’ve seen you do from time to time, the bartender on duty in the A Center Sky Club between 3 and 4PM on February 26, 2010, was the best I’ve met at a Sky Club.  Very outgoing and polite.  Separate note heading Delta’s way about that.