I admit that typing that post about American Airlines flight 1348 got me a little worked up. I’m sure you couldn’t tell. I liked Customer Service, and I like American Airlines. It bothers me when I see an airline, any airline, fail to the extent that AA failed its Customers, and yes, its employees who were serving them on that aircraft and the unlucky ones leftover inside the terminal when the flight finally was allowed to disembark.

It will be interesting to see if any real details of what went wrong with American’s operations in Austin on December 29th manage to get leaked to the press. I am very curious to know what the situation was with gate access, number of employees available, etc. Perhaps then, we can all understand, or at least try to understand what went wrong, and why it happened. And better yet, perhaps American and other airlines will learn from this and implement procedures that will prevent something like it from happening again.