Having hotel status is one of the best and easiest ways to bring your vacation to the next level. IHG is a fantastic hotel chain that can provide lots of value for travelers, especially those on a budget. Of course, it’s membership program is known as IHG Rewards Club.

A certain other blog that shall remain nameless has similar posts that assume values for hotel statuses from different chains. But because everyone’s mileage may vary, it’s inherently unfair to peg values for each level. Therefore, this post is going to simply explain what you can get at each level.



This level is where everyone starts out when creating their IHG account. There are no spend or stay requirements and anyone over 18 can join. Club level does not provide much, but it’s a start. Free internet, exclusive rates, and a dedicated customer service line are the highlights of membership.



Gold is the lowest earned level of status. You must either earn 10,000 Elite Qualifying Points or stay 10 nights to earn this level. IHG Gold is a lot like Marriott Silver and Hilton Silver. None of these low statuses are worth getting because the additional benefits are minimal.

Gold Status gives you the following additional perks:

Bonus Points

You will receive a 10% points bonus on all IHG purchases with your Gold Status. That’s one extra point for every dollar spent. This is a nice boost especially for those who have just been promoted from Club Status

Also, Gold Status is the first level where points do not expire. Basic Club members are subject to points expiring, but those with status are immune.

Priority Check In & Extended Check Out

These perks give Gold members the option to check in early and check out late. Unlike Hyatt, there are no set times and the perks are subject to availability. It never hurts to ask the front desk, but your mileage may vary.



Things start to get serious when you hit Platinum level. To get there, you must either earn 40,000 Elite Qualifying Points or stay 40 nights in a calendar year. Applying for the Chase IHG Premier Card is the easiest way to obtain this level of status. That’s because the card offers it as a perk. The IHG Card has an $89 annual fee and some nice ways to earn more points.

Platinum Status gives you all the points and perks from Gold Status plus the following:

Bonus Points

Platinum members will receive a 50% points bonus on all IHG purchases. That’s an extra five points per dollar spent.

Complimentary Room Upgrades

Platinum members can upgrade their room to a preferred room. The extent of the upgrade is up to the individual hotel. But most hotels exclude suites for Platinum members.

Guaranteed Availability

Members at this level are guaranteed a paid room if they book 72 hours in advance. This is nice to avoid blackouts and other people potentially taking your room.



Spire is the top level of IHG Rewards Club Status. You must earn 75,000 Base Points or stay 75 nights in a calendar year to earn this level. Spire Status gives you all the points and perks from Platinum Status plus the following:

Bonus Points

Spire members will receive a 100% points bonus on IHG purchases, double that of Platinum members. That’s an extra 10 points per dollar spent.

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Five Star Upgrade

This benefit is nice for renting cars through Hertz. IHG Spire members can upgrade their Hertz Gold status to Hertz Five Star Status. The higher status lets you upgrade your car rental by one class and earn additional points.

Benefit of Your Choice

Upon achieving Spire Status, IHG gives you a choice of two benefits: 25,000 bonus points or gifting Platinum Status to a family member.

While Platinum status is valuable, you can achieve it by getting the IHG Premier Card. If you have a loved one who is credit (or annual fee averse), gifting the status is the better option.

Otherwise, take the bonus points if you don’t know anyone who could use the status.


Final Draw

While IHG won’t provide you with the luxury perks of other hotel chains, it is still a nice status pyramid to climb. Budget travelers especially can receive lots of value with their IHG Rewards Club Status.

Consider how often you’re traveling and how loyal you are to any hotel chain before deciding to go for a higher status. Your mileage may vary.