IHG Rewards Club makes adjustments to which properties require how many points for award night redemptions once per year, and today is the last day to reserve at the current award categories before category changes go into effect January 15, 2017 (tomorrow).

Some properties will require more points for an award night starting tomorrow, and some will require less.

As an example, the InterContinental in Sydney, Australia will see an increase from 55,000 points per night to 60,000. The InterContinental properties in Shanghai, Prague, Bordeaux, Düsseldorf, Okinawa, Osaka, Porto in Portugal, Los Angeles, DC, and Boston will also see the point requirements for award nights increased.


On the flip side, the InterContinental properties in Beijing, Chennai, Fuzhou, Shanghai, Xishuangbanna, and Ningbo, Bandung Dago Pakar (Indonesia) will decrease in the amount of points needed for an award night.


Some properties are shifting up or down by 5,000 points. Some hotels go up/down as much as 15,000 points though I’ve only spotted +/- changes of 10,000 so far on the list.

Properties still cap out at a maximum of 60,000 per night so there are no upper end categories being added at this time (though I wouldn’t rule that out for 2018).


Here is a link to the full list of IHG properties affected this time.

Stays in big cities can be especially expensive and redeeming for award nights can make a lot of sense.

Even though not all IHG properties are increasing to require more points, you may have your eye on one that might be. If you have some planned stays coming up in 2017 or would like to try out a particular property, it would be smart to scan the list and make the award night reservations today if facing an increase.