In keeping with my “Do What’s Good For You” and taking stock of your miles and points posts….I think this is relevant enough to discuss.  As is probably clear from my posts, I reside within the District of Columbia, and am a mere 15 minute cab ride from Washington National Airport – DCA. Nothing against our former President, but the airport will always just be “National” to me.  As I look out over the next several weeks I see a handful of Delta flights which is not unusual at all.  Then there are something like 8 Star Alliance flights (booked and about to be booked) that will be credited to my United Mileage Plus account but are actually flown on US Airways.  Eight flights where I could be sitting in First Class, but will likely ride in coach because I’m not a Dividend Miles elite member.  Granted, none of these flights is longer than 3 hours and I don’t get too upset about it, but still.  I could be taking a ride in the front of the (air) bus, but will instead be relegated to sitting next to the unwashed masses.

Now….I’m a man of the people if nothing (I’m typing this from a bar where Buck Owens is playing for cryin’ out loud) but still.  Why not take the opportunity to sit up front when you can have it?  There are a lot of things going on that are in Dividend Miles’ favor.  US Airways is the dominant airline at National Airport (did I mention I’m a 15 minute cab ride away?), and the slot swap with Delta likely means that service from there will be expanded even more in the not too distant future.  And for now at least, US Airways is a Star Alliance member and I could use the miles for redemptions on great airlines across the pond.  Not to mention, US Airways is overall a much more reliable airline than it was during the dark days immediately after the HP-US merger.  I seriously think about accruing to Dividend Miles every now and then.

On the other hand, I’m just not sure that management values its Dividend Miles members more than anyone else and doesn’t see the program as more than a quick cash flow infusion from the next mileage sale.  Plus, let’s face it, this ain’t (the real) Piedmont anymore.  I just can’t make the switch.  If this was the same loyalty program as it was when I was a Chairman’s Preferred in the early 2000’s, I’d be more likely to make the move, but it isn’t, so I won’t…..yet.  But I do wonder from time to time……  What would you do?  I could be convinced to make the move, I know I could.