I thought it would be a harder decision.  Really, I did.  I dutifully waded through the onslaught of wannabe iPad2 owners to find an unoccupied device to toy with at the Apple Store.  The iPad2 is everything I thought it would be.  Elegant, lightweight (but not exactly featherweight), and just about awesome in every way.  I could’ve had one of the last in the store.  But then…out of the corner of my eye….  looking unloved in all the iPad2 hysteria, I caught a glimpse of something even more beautiful.

We’ve only been together for a day or so, but to say that I really do love the 11.1″ MacBook Air would be a mass understatement!  It’s thinner and lighter than I would’ve imagined.  Frankly, with the lid closed, it doesn’t “look” all that much thicker than an iPad.  In many ways, it’s the ideal solution.  I wanted the iPad to carry with me when traveling for work with my boat-anchor Dell.  It would easily slip into a folder pocket in my briefcase.  Guess what, so will the 11″ MacBook Air!  Better yet, it has a keyboard which will allow me to do some heavier-duty blogging from the road.  Frankly, I’m pretty pleased with the choice, and can’t wait to travel with it.  Reportedly, TSA doesn’t even require the 11″ version of the MacBook Air to be removed from your bag.  Although, as Fish reports, your mileage may vary on that.  I’ll let you know how my foray into Macworld goes.  And oh yeah…never fear….I’ll own an iPad one of these days too!