You might remember that I’ve been fishing around for the perfect financial tracking software solution since Quicken can’t work for me on multiple platforms.  I want something that will allow me to look at my finances from multiple devices, especially important in a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad (?) household. I’ve been looking at a variety of options, the most interesting of which was Moneydance which works on most any computer and offers an iPhone app too. Importing my Quicken data into Moneydance proved to be more tricky than I expected, but I eventually got it done acceptably enough. Trouble is, I just didn’t love Moneydance. on the other hand, I like. It looks good, is no doubt available on multiple platforms since it’s internet based, and offers acceptable budgeting tools along with investment performance. My only complaint so far is that it seems impossible to enter investments with multiple lots. (any advice from Mint users?)  Other than that, I like it….a lot. It’s a great way for folks that travel and have multiple computers/electronic devices to manage their money on the road.