I’m writing from one of my favorite coffee shops near our new home in D.C. If you’re ever in the Columbia Heights neighborhood in D.C., check out Sticky Fingers Bakery. The coffee is hot and the wi-fi is free. And I like free wi-fi! πŸ™‚

In any event, I’m in kind of a mood. Not unhappy by any means….just in a mood. Reading Will Allen’s blog just now got me to thinking…. I miss the road. I don’t travel nearly as much as Will Allen, or anyone else for that matter. My work previously kept me on the road about 25 percent of the time. But since accepting a promotion back in the summer, I haven’t traveled at all for work, and I miss it!

I don’t want to be a real road warrior like Will and so many others. Hell…like I was several years ago. But I do miss the changing scenery of business travel. I miss the new faces, places and friends that one sees on the road. I miss my friends at the airport. Yes, travel enough, and you will get to know some of the staff at your home airport. And what a difference having someone who knows you at an airline can make!

On March 1, I will lose my American AAdvantage elite status. At the end of March, my Admirals Club membership expires, and I won’t be renewing. No need to really. I don’t travel that much, and when Lady Astrojets and I do travel for pleasure, my American Express Platinum card will get us into the Admirals Club as well as the Continental, Delta and Northwest clubs when traveling on those airlines. But nonetheless, I’m still just a little down about the whole thing. I’m ready to travel again, and I don’t know when I will. Yes, I must be sick….. I miss the road.