I noticed earlier this month that the DCA Admirals Club had signs around the lounge advertising free wi-fi from AT&T. I didn’t think much of it, but then I arrived at the Chicago H/K Admirals Club on Sunday and saw the same signs. A little judicious looking around the internet and I found that Admirals Clubs are rolling out complimentary wi-fi for all members and hope to have the rollout complete by December according to a Tweet I saw. All I can say is sweet! This brings the Admirals Club in line with other legacy carrier clubs in offering free wi-fi for all guests.

Full disclosure: I’m a big Admirals Club fan, and have been a full-fledged member in the past when I was flying American almost exclusively. Now I access the clubs via my American Express Platinum Card. I still love the Admirals Club (frankly, prefer the Admirals Club to all other domestic airline offerings), but my many Delta flights make the Platinum Card (and it’s access to Sky Club lounges) far too compelling to pass up. American was alone in not providing complimentary wi-fi access for all club guests. Now they’re in line with others, or will be once the rollout is complete. Me like!