The subject line says it all.  I really don’t get United.  On paper, United should be the biggest, baddest, bestest (yes, I realize “bestest” may not be in the dictionary) airline on the planet.  In reality, United looks like a (shrinking and sinking) ship with no rudder.  Their latest adventure with Aer Lingus to operate a flight between United’s primary international hub at Dulles and Madrid is a prime example.  I suppose United management really doesn’t care if their already poor relationship with their employees gets worse.  If the Aer Lingus venture happens as planned, the ultimate result will be a brand new airline flying on behalf of United without United employees, and apparently without Aer Lingus employees.

I suppose one should expect this kind of thing from an airline that proudly boasts about the fact that it has no new aircraft on order.  Granted, United’s Airbus and widebody Boeing fleets aren’t that old yet.  However, one could reasonably expect that an airline which intends to remain in business might want some new aircraft in the pipeline to replace its existing fleet as it ages.  But like I said, I just don’t get United Airlines.