Well…I have to admit that the first real reprieve on toiletries and Starbucks from TSA came sooner than I’d expected.

You can now pass through the checkpoint with your shaving cream (and whatever else) as long as nothing is more than 3 ounces and it all fits in a quart size zip top clear plastic bag. You can read all the details straight from the source by clicking here.

Starbucks fans at my local airport, Reagan National (DCA) are going to be disappointed as the Starbucks is located outside of security (Just across from the American Airlines ticket counter for those wondering). And you will still not be allowed to cross the checkpoint with liquids purchased from the outside. Anyone else think it’s a little odd that TSA seems to think coffee brewed on one side of the checkpoint but still inside the airport is questionable, but coffee brewed on the inside is secure?

I’m gonna be on the road a bit in October….can’t wait to see how this is going.