Wow, no sooner than we finally get to read our e-books from gate to gate, and all of a sudden new rumors abound that there is a possibility that we could be approved for cell phone use in flight. I don’t care if it’s technically “safe” or not, I’d like the world to know that MJ on Travel is not a fan of cell phone use on aircraft. Why, you might ask? For far too many people, basic civility and politeness are either an afterthought or something they simply do not get.

I have no better example than the conversation between two of my fellow first class passengers last night. I (and Delta Points along with 3/4 of the First Class cabin) are aware of the details of the most intimate features of these two individuals’ lives. The fact that the majority of the cabin was glaring at them was lost on these two. I cannot fathom what would have happened if they’d been able to call someone from their flight with their iPhones.

So…you know how I feel, but I respect different opinions on this. I thought this would be a fun reader poll. Yes, or no?

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