I flew Frontier Airlines today from DCA to DEN.  And as much as I hated to not fly my American and Delta favorites, I have to admit, flying Frontier was just fine.  While my fellow passengers seemed to be from the junior varsity of experienced travelers, the Frontier experience had some positive attributes.

When checking in 24 hours in advance, I had the opportunity to purchase Frontier’s “Stretch” seating offering legroom.  The price point for my Frontier “Classic” fare was $15 dollars, and I have to say that it was worth it.  While I am certain there were people that wound up being seated in the Stretch section that didn’t pay for it (it was a full flight), I don’t regret spending the extra money.  Passengers seated in the Stretch section of the aircraft were offered the opportunity to board right behind Frontier elite members and this made for a much more pleasant boarding experience.  I was easily able to store my carry on bag right above my seat.

Frontier offers DirecTV at every seat for a $6 dollar charge.  But my “Classic” fare included free DirecTV.  Shortly after takeoff, a flight attendant came by, addressed me by name, and activated the TV with a card.  Truth be told, on a 4 hour flight like this one, I would’ve gladly sprang for the $6 dollars.  I really enjoyed having live TV throughout the flight.

Not long after activating the TV, flight attendants were in the aisle offering a beverage service.  I decided to spring for a glass of wine which only costs $5 dollars.  Frontier is a “cashless” airline and I paid with my Amex card.  I did not try any of the buy on board food items on offer, but they all appeared tasty.  I thought the food appeared to be more attractively packaged than I’d seen on other airlines, but that’s just my subjective opinion.  Take it for what you will.

Service was very pleasant, and the inflight crew was friendly.  Two beverage services were offered followed at some point in the flight with a water service.  And as much as I like Boeing aircraft, the extra inch of seat width on this Airbus 320  (and others I’ve flown) is always appreciated.

We arrived in Denver quite early, but taxied straight to our gate.  All in all, my Frontier experience was quite good.  I’m still dedicated to my primary airlines, but I wouldn’t hesitate to fly Frontier again should the need arise.