Last week while on a quick business trip, I made it out to the A17 Sky Club in Atlanta. I picked this one specifically because it is one of the test clubs for the new food options. If you are an A17 regular, you will need to step up to the upper level area to find the new goods as the snacks down by the bar are the things you’ve seen before. Options available on the day of my visit included a chicken, rice, and vegetable soup and some sandwiches (ham or turkey as far as I could tell). I did not try the soup due the high probability of my winding up wearing some of it, but I did grab a sandwich.


Basically, bread, cheese, and a slice of turkey. And since there wasn’t enough cheese (kidding), I went for a sample of my old Sky Club friend, the cheddar cheese packet almost out of habit. The new snack items were clearly popular based on their quick disappearance.

Bottom line – It tasted OK, and I have no complaints. At least Delta is trying something different in the club snack arena. However, if you have high hopes like a European lounge snack/meal experience, I’d temper my expectations.

-MJ, March 4, 2014