Half-way through our honeymoon cruise, that is.  I have to admit that I thought 12 days on a ship might get a little tedious by the one-week point, but I could not have been more wrong.  I can only speculate that the fact that I haven’t had any real time off in over a year combined with just getting though our wedding are big reasons why this cruise is so great.  Other reasons are that the Grandeur of the Seas, while small by today’s floating amusement park standards, is a really great ship.  The crew is fantastic, and the service better than any other Royal Caribbean ship I’ve cruised on, especially in the dining room.  The 11-night repositioning itinerary has also attracted a group of cruisers that I would speculate is older than the average Royal Caribbean crowd.  There are very few children, given the length of itinerary and the timing of the cruise.  Not that I want to spend time with a bunch of geriatrics, but our fellow cruisers are an experienced group of travelers and have really added to the atmosphere on board.  Grandeur even hosted a honeymooner’s get-together for the eight or so honeymooning couples on board, all but one of which were pretty close to our age.  But the one “older” couple were quite fun.

I’m up early this Wednesday morning after the election.  The ship switched it’s clocks last night instead of over the weekend.  Not sure why, but I’d guess it had something to do with our itinerary and location on the map.  In any event, I woke up wired and ready to go at 6:00 a.m.  I walked a mile on deck, and then hit the coffee shop for a skim latte and a visit with my laptop.  We’re at sea today as we make our way towards Cartagena, Columbia where we’ll take a walking tour of the city which we booked through Royal Caribbean.  All the articles I’ve read really talk up Cartagena, but I’m not quite ready to venture out on my own in Colombia.  Maybe next time.

I know my postings this week have been fairly meaningless ramblings, but hey…I’m on vacation.  I promise to get back to more meaningful travel writing after the honeymoon, including a complete review of the cruise.  We arrive Tampa on November 10, and then it’s back to reality.  Thanks for reading.