Meet Jimmy. Well, maybe you have already heard of him, as his history is… like him… BIG!

Jimmy Sabatino was sentenced this week in Miami to 5 years and ordered to pay restitution of about $594,000 to the victim businesses as part of a plea deal. But Jimmy’s been making deals for going on two decades, now including recent takes from several Miami hotels accounting for about $594,000 in suite rooms, food, and alcohol, such as reportedly:

  • Hilton Miami Downtown – $400,000
  • Hilton Bentley South Beach – $174,000
  • SLS South Beach Hotel – $16,000
  • Eden Roc Miami Beach – $4,000

But then came the pinnacle of Jimmy’s recent scams. At least according to Jimmy.

Miami media is reporting
that Sabatino received surgery while in custody of Miami-Dade County to repair a lazy eye he had since childhood. Whether the procedure was “medically necessary” or another con job by Jimmy, it reportedly totaled another $250,000. Sabatino seemingly proclaimed his “success” by saying he faked migraines so he could have the cosmetic surgery at taxpayers’ expense.

More on Jimmy Sabatino
Jimmy is no stranger to the con game, as this AMAZING story from 2013 details:

Hip-Hop Poseur Jimmy Sabatino Can’t Stop Scamming — Even From Prison

And more good reading from 2008 at The Smoking Gun:

Big Phat Liar

AND, going way back to 1999, to his “early years” per the Miami New Times:

Con Kid

I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of Jimmy, whether in or out of jailhouse walls.

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